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Homebuilding and design trends are ever-changing. Every year new trends emerge, and builders, investors, and buyers turn their focus to what’s trendy. Modern farmhouse design has gained popularity quickly over the last few years. It’s rustic charm paired with a clean, crisp look that includes a lot of white wood finishes and shiny stainless fixtures and appliances. But, the modern farmhouse look is said to be on its way out for 2020 as it makes way for a hybrid trend featuring rustic farmhouse roots with an industrial spin. 

Metallic Accents 

Metallic accents are a popular feature in industrial farmhouse design, specifically, in the kitchen. Using different metals is a fantastic way to really bring an industrial aesthetic into a kitchen with a farmhouse feel. Industry experts are leaning toward different metal options like tin tiles or various sheet metals to replace the more traditional subway tiles. Tin tiles and sheet metal come in numerous metallic finishes and patterns that are perfect for an eye-catching backsplash. 

Concrete Sinks

The kitchen is the main point of interest for both developers and buyers. Here, you can really emulate that combination of industrial decor with the rustic look of a modern farmhouse. When you think “modern farmhouse” it’s not uncommon to picture white features like cabinets, countertops, subway tiles, and ceramic sinks. White ceramic sinks have been traditionally popular in farmhouse kitchens. However, the industrial movement is quickly shifting popularity over to darker, concrete sinks. Concrete farmhouse sinks pair well with light countertops, bold backsplashes, and different metal finishes. 

Rustic Roots

Farmhouse decor is all about repurposing and rustic charm. Whether the focus is industrial or modern, the key is taking rustic roots and combining them with an industrial or modern spin. Brushed metal geometric light fixtures are a great way to foster that industrial look while still maintaining a rustic aesthetic. Designers and developers have even gone as far as using repurposed items, like various industrial metals, to create different light fixtures and other decorative statement pieces. 

Black Matte Finishes

Fixtures like faucets, cabinet handles, and other accents are typically done in a matte metal finish in farmhouse design. For a more industrial look, industry experts say black matte finishes take the win over the shiny metal fixtures of the past.