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In the world of custom home building, there are plenty of ways to make your home stand out to potential buyers. Specialty rooms offer builders a creative, one-of-a-kind, space to add extra luxury and appeal to their build while tailoring it to the unique taste of the homeowner. Currently, specialty rooms are one of the most sought after luxury customizations for homeowners alike. Here are a few of the popular specialty rooms that are currently trending:

Wine Rooms

Climate controlled wine rooms are the perfect addition to a custom build. One of the greatest qualities of a wine room is its versatility, meaning, builders and homeowners aren’t just limited to the cellar or basement area of a home. From a builder perspective, a wine room adds luxury, and a perfect space for wine enthusiasts who enjoy entertaining, or are looking for a quiet hidden getaway within their home. 

Exercise & Spa Rooms 

Fitness and spa rooms are another popular specialty space circling the world of custom home building. This is where you can add functional space for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, or a homeowner that’s looking for a serene and tranquil at-home spa or studio. Depending on the preference of the homeowner or potential buyer, and expertise or spa space can consist of a large or small home gym area, a quiet open fitness studio, steam room or sauna, or even indoor court areas for basketball and tennis.

Home Theaters

Home theaters are a great way to add a sense of pure luxury to a custom build while merging design trends with the most up-to-date technology features. A perfect addition to a basement or a room with no windows, builders can utilize this open space to create an ideal entertainment and media room for their buyers. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

In a previous blog, we’ve highlighted outdoor kitchen spaces as a big trend amongst customer builders and home buyers. When it comes to specialty rooms, outdoor living spaces are always something to consider. For builders, and outdoor living space is a versatile project that can come with many different results. Create outdoor living rooms with custom built-in fireplaces, suitable for housing technology like a wall-mounted television, perfect for buyers who will be looking for a stunning outdoor space to entertain.