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If you’re building a new home from the ground up, you’re probably excited to plan your home’s layout and unique features that cater to your personality and taste. Every year, new trends in home building and design emerge. These trends can consist of things from your home’s general layout, to various custom features. As you start the process of building your new home, consider some of these current trends:

Bold Kitchens 

Not too long ago, crisp white kitchens were all the craze in the world of home design, especially in brand new homes. While the clean look of an all-white kitchen is still popular, on the rise are bold colored kitchens with darker shades, bright accents, and distinctive backsplashes. As you’re building your new home, discuss your design preferences with your builders. 


Environmental sustainability has become a popular and widespread trend over the last few years. Homeowners and many construction companies are more environmentally conscious than ever before. The idea is to build with an eco-friendly state of mind by using sustainable materials.

Open Concept Floor Plans 

Open concept floor plans are continuing to be wildly popular in the world of new home construction. The concept of an open floor plan has been hanging around the world of home design for a few solid years now, and it doesn’t look to be on it’s way out anytime soon. Open floor plans are great for homeowners with families, or that love to entertain guests. It gives your home a fantastic flow and an overall elegant look. 

Large Windows 

Windows are a hot trend right now, and they go hand in hand with the popular open concept floor plan. Many home builders are focusing on large windows and go throughout the home to let in the perfect amount of natural light. Specifically, sunrooms are on the rise and have been making more appearances in new construction homes over the last two years. According to Freshome, sunrooms are making a comeback as a popular space for entertaining and family time.