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Home exteriors are on the list of major trends for the 2020 new year. Pool areas, decks, outdoor patios, and, more specifically, outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens are a perfect addition to an exterior entertainment space. From a developer perspective, they’re a great way to provide residents and homeowners with an open area to host guests and gatherings. If you’re looking to create the perfect outdoor kitchen space, consider a few of these trending design options:

Fully Functional Zones

Functionality is a key design factor to consider for an outdoor kitchen space (or any kitchen, for that matter.) You’ll want this space to be fully functional with an effortless flow that’s easy to navigate. Focus design features on things like counter and seating space, storage options, and placing appliances in convenient areas. 

Weather-Resistant Year-Round Use

As the outdoor kitchen trend continues to gain popularity, many developers are adding them into design plans, regardless of climate. A solid outdoor kitchen design should feature weather-resistant cabinets and appliances that can withstand the elements and maintain a clean look. Generally, the best, and most weather-resistant options are stainless steel or other metal cabinets. For extra protection against the elements, and year-round use, covered patio structures, and mounted heating units are great add-on’s. 

Bigger Than BBQ

While a small scale backyard barbeque may be the foundation for outdoor kitchen spaces, today, it’s safe to say the trend has gone much further than a classic barbeque grill. Incorporating several cooking options, such as a pizza oven or a smoker, seems to be the way to go. 


To tie everything together, making an outdoor kitchen tech-friendly is a must. Generally, this space is used for hosting and entertaining, so, things like Wi-Fi, speaker systems, and television are also important. According to Mark Hannah Fout, in a recent Forbes article, “Smart appliances are becoming very popular, and it comes as no surprise that smart technology is also trending in the outdoor kitchen,” she comments. “Many grills and smokers are now Wi-Fi enabled; some even have voice recognition.”