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R Bruce Fazio

Real Estate Development

About Bruce

For more than three decades Bruce Fazio has worked as a real estate developer in the Collegeville, Pennsylvania area. His company, ERH Capital Partners, is a private equity fund which will help Bruce and other investors take advantage of overlooked real estate deals. Bruce and his team pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and high-quality craftsmanship. Finding proper financing is often one of the most difficult challenges of developing a property. Bruce hopes that ERH Capital Partners will help eliminate this challenge for his projects. Up to this point in his career, Bruce has only focused on residential real estate; however, with ERH Capital Partners he may become involved in commercial real estate, as well.

But Bruce looks at real estate differently than most people.

Typically, when people hear “real estate” they think about salespeople, or realtors. However, there is another facet of real estate that is sometimes overlooked: real estate development. Real estate development involves maximizing property use like taking a piece of vacant land and building a house on it. It can also be as complex as re-purposing the property. An example would be subdividing a property for townhouses or changing a property from residential to commercial.

Bruce Fazio loves the challenge of finding a deal and putting it together. He enjoys taking an empty piece of land and within months, turning it into a brand new house. He also recognizes some of the challenges that come with real estate development such as financing, permitting, zoning, and finding good subcontractors.

He has gained experience in the business of residential real estate and as a home builder.

Whether it is pouring concrete foundations, installing windows, analyzing tax sales, or searching titles, Bruce has worked in all facets of home construction and real estate. Bruce Fazio’s time in real estate, plus his desire to always learn more about the industry, has pushed him to earn a 2-year degree in electrical engineering and develop a strong working knowledge of the legal aspect of real estate. He was taught, over 20 years ago, how to do title searches from one of the area’s largest title companies, Commonwealth Land Title. Bruce learned the mechanics of tax sales from a previous Director of Tax Claims for Montgomery County. His knowledge and skills help him to identify and hire the best subcontractors, and his connections help him to continuously learn and grow as a real estate professional.

Bruce Fazio applies this knowledge in conducting “due diligence” on properties and, in particular, in selecting properties on which to bid at tax sales. He has represented himself in many townships and boroughs to successfully obtain variances. He has gotten involved with land development including subdivision of land as well as forming condominium declarations of property ownership. Over the years Bruce has formed long term relationships with many area real estate agents, most local banks, over 10 title companies, many real estate appraisers and has worked with many of the areas leading real estate attorneys.

Bruce and his team pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and high-quality craftsmanship.