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Building a home from the ground up gives you the opportunity to create a gorgeous space that meets all of your client’s functional needs. You may equate building a home with a huge expense, but there are actually numerous affordable building materials that you can utilize to save money on construction costs. Because the exterior materials that you select play a huge role on the overall cost of your home, this is a great focal point to start with. These are few affordable exterior materials to consider using with your building project.


For a More Traditional Look

If you are trying to stay away from expensive exterior materials, stucco, stone and even cedar planks are out of the question. However, prefabricated panels are durable, cost-effective and easy to install. They can be created to mimic multiple high-end and expensive materials to ensure beautiful curb appeal. If you love the look of stone homes, you can save a small fortune if you opt for stone cladding. The exterior has the look of actual stones, so most people will not be able to tell the difference. However, the veneer is thinner and faster to install, and these factors save money. Reclaimed wood is another beautiful option to consider. While some people will keep reclaimed wood in its unfinished state to create a rustic look, this material can be stained or even painted to create a more traditional façade.


For an Edgier or Unique Look

There are also several unique materials that can give your home character while enabling savings on construction costs. Concrete cladding, which uses prefabricated panels, is attractive, energy-efficient and affordable to install. If you are interested in building a smaller home, consider renovating a used shipping container. The entire exterior may only need to be repainted, and you can then allocate your funds to finishing out the interior. Some other unique materials to consider are corrugated metal sheets, bamboo, industrial iron or steel, plastic, glass and recycled materials. You could even dig your home into the ground, and this would eliminate the need for any type of exterior façade while providing exceptional insulative benefits.

With numerous exterior materials to choose from, you can easily reduce the cost of construction by thinking outside the box. Remember that you can also save money on interior design in the same way.